People ask me why my homepage is in english and not in german. Well, english is the'internetional' language... and another set of pages in german is too much work. Sorry for that. The black and white photographs were made from 1981 to 1986 in paris, stuttgart, bochum, moenchengladbach and on greek islands with my good old 'pentax me super' SLR. The new york photographs were made in december 2000 with my 'epson pc3000z' digital camera. They are not digitally reprocessed although some look like that! The berlin stories are written by my friend crysta and they are all true!!! Just check out the right places, and open your eyes.
-dirk brinkmann march 2001 - april 2004




Change History

[13 April 2004]
New Berlin Story added. Links reviewed.

[22 December 2002]

[21 April 2002]
Link update

[February 2002]
New Berlin Story and new links added

[6 September 2001]
Found four more MS paint art pictures on my computer and added them.

[4 August 2001]
Microsoft paint art gallery added. The paintings are created by my good old friend reinhard rogisch, who is a painter. When he is bored, he does some little paintings with his ms paint program. Actually, he paints the same style in "real life"... but he asked me to tell you that for him this is NO art. Well, for me it is. If you agree, why don't you let him know? Just klick
I had to change the 'exit' link, because unfortunately the hungersite went offline... without any explanation. Check the new 'exit' link!
Added some other new links as well.

[June 2001]
Some new links added.

[March 2001]
Complete redesign.





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